Fantastic Feedback

Last Thursday I met with a student from UWE called Beatrice. She is a friend of Steph at Bristol Braille Technology.

Beatrice is thinking about doing a 3rd year project on something related to visual impairment. Amongst other things we talked about my work here with Inclusive Audio and the DiscoveryPens. Afterwards she sent me the following feedback:

“I tried out the Discovery Pen after our meeting, it was interesting to explore the exhibitions with it. I especially found the French collection great to listen to, some of the speakers put so much detail and depth into their descriptions, it was almost better to listen to it and imagine than just looking at it. It definitely gave the pieces another dimension. I will be going back today to take more notes of the ways they described the things and to compare it to the written text and display.”

For Bristol Braille Technology see:


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