A Matter of Interpretation

What do museums need to do to become truly inclusive?

Aim high: We should use an inclusive design approach to everything we do. However, as we are not used to doing this I think we need an interim set of benchmarks for all new exhibitions and displays.

Here in Bristol we already have pretty good physical access, but that is not enough. We need to provide better opportunities for people to engage with exhibits.

At the very least I think all new exhibitions and displays should have the following:

  • Inclusive audio content for all visitors
  • Sub-titles on all audio-visual displays
  • Integrated and coherent handling opportunities for all visitors
  • Large, high contrast/clear print for all written interpretation
  • Confident, well trained staff and volunteers to act as guides/facilitators

One thought on “A Matter of Interpretation

  1. Elaine

    I agree that print should be clear and easily legible. I’m not visually impaired but I do find small, faint or fancy print impossible to read. I’ve decided that if people don’t make things easy for me to read I just won’t bother reading them. This applies to notices, labels in museums, magazines, leaflets …


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