Monthly Archives: September 2014

Eye wish!

My friend Ben came to see me last Saturday. He is a director of Eye Wish Access, a company based in the north east which provides training for organisations that want to be more accessible and inclusive of visually impaired people. All of the training is delivered by visually impaired people.

Eye Wish Access is also trying to do something about the appalling rate of unemployment amongst visually impaired people by running an accredited course to train more trainers.

If you are looking for training about access for visually impaired people take a look at their website:

Blind Creations

A few weeks ago I received a call for papers for an international conference on blindness and the arts. It is called Blind Creations and will take place in London next June.

The conference aims to explore the relationship between blind people and artistic creation. “It sees blind people not only as subjects in their own right, but also as active creators; as such it rejects the ‘medical model’ of disability which posits blind people as passive objects of medical investigation and rehabilitation. In so doing it hopes to challenge and reconceptualise the myths and stereotypes of ‘blindness’ which continue to circulate by recasting ‘blindness’ as a multi-faceted and positive creative force which might be usefully explored by both non-blind and blind people.”

Sounds interesting! I’ll probably offer a paper. Inclusive Audio in museums and galleries would be a safe topic, but I might just try something a bit different as well.

Follow this link for more information on the conference: